AJ Frank (Canine Search Specialist)

AJ is a career firefighter with the Seattle Fire Department. He joined NDSD in the early 90s. He went to multiple deployments with his dogs Ohlin, Zara and Kersee including Airlift NorthWest, 9/11, the  Seattle Violin factory fire, Bellevue crane collapse, Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi, and the Oso mudslide among others.

After training, working and deploying with Chocolate Labs Ohlin and Zara AJ is currently working his 3rd FEMA LF certified dog: Kersee.

AJ and and his Labs also enjoy competition agility and long‐distance hiking.

Kersee is a Labrador Retriever. She is FEMA live find certified. Kersee is handled and owned by AJ Frank.
Besides searching for live human scent on rubble piles, in buildings and wide areas, Kersee loves to go hiking and playing agility.

Kersee Collage