Lisa and Cody

Team Bios: Certified


I became a member of Northwest Disaster Search Dogs in January 2008. My German Shepherd, Jasper, was 2-1/2 years old and had amazing drive and incredible focus. Unfortunately, six months into our training I had to retire him as he already showed major signs of bad hips and spine and was having pain issues. I was already addicted to Disaster Search & Rescue, however, so put the word out that I was looking for another dog. I received a call from a friend that there was this "oops" litter of Border Collie/Cattle Dog mixes. The rest is history!
Cody and I started working together when I picked him up at eight weeks old in July 2008. Being a Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog Mix, he has been extremely easy to train. He wants to please and has that crazy drive that we all want, but he does have an off switch. He's a very smart worker and looks for the best way to get up on a rubble pile, which may not be the quickest way. I love that he is careful and most likely won't get hurt by going all out. He thoroughly enjoys disaster agility and will do just about anything for his tug toy ... or a ball ... or a stuffed animal ... he isn't very picky about what he's rewarded with. We jokingly call him Cody "Poppins" because he's "practically perfect in every way" (although believe me, he has his faults).
We've been on one deployment - to the Oso, Washington Mudslide Disaster in 2014 for two weeks doing body recovery -- and I was extremely proud of his work and his work ethic. We have developed a bond over the last 9 years that will be hard to beat with another dog, and I look forward to working with this incredible dog until the time comes when I think it's just too hard on his body and retire him.