AJ and Kersee

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AJ and Kersee

Kersee just took her FEMA FSA. Kersee was one of 7 K9 teams that took the WA-TF1 FSA. It was -1 deg C. At the start of the test. I think she got a little cold during the 5 min long down. Kersee was one of two K9 teams that went to the final search. The "pile" is 3500-5000 sq ft w/ only 2 people to find. You have 15 min to search the pile. She had her FBILHS "Focused Bark Indicating Live Human Scent" at victim #1 in less than 60 sec. After talking to my evaluators we were off looking for victim#2. We found victim #2, and were off the pile under 6 min.

CE here we come...............

AJ and Kersee are FEMA CE'ed.

AJ and his previous search dogs Ohlin and Zara


AJ and Ohlin at WTC

wtcohlinAJ Frank and Ohlin at WTC007