AJ and Kersee

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AJ and Kersee

Kersee just took her FEMA FSA. Kersee was one of 7 K9 teams that took the WA-TF1 FSA. It was -1 deg C. At the start of the test. I think she got a little cold during the 5 min long down. Kersee was one of two K9 teams that went to the final search. The "pile" is 3500-5000 sq ft w/ only 2 people to find. You have 15 min to search the pile. She had her FBILHS "Focused Bark Indicating Live Human Scent" at victim #1 in less than 60 sec. After talking to my evaluators we were off looking for victim#2. We found victim #2, and were off the pile under 6 min.

CE here we come...............

AJ and Kersee are FEMA CE'ed.

Kersee Collage

AJ and his previous search dogs Ohlin and Zara


AJ and Ohlin at WTC

wtcohlinAJ Frank and Ohlin at WTC007