Rick and Mocha

Team Bios: Certified


Rick and Mocha have been members of NDSD since September 2003. Rick has been a member of the Kent Fire Department since 1990 and is a Captain on the department's Technical Rescue Team. Prior to joining NDSD, Rick and Mocha competed in AKC Hunt Tests achieving his Junior and Senior Hunter titles. With the support of his wife and family, Rick and Mocha are certified with WA-TF1 as a Type I search team. They have traveled to Fairfax, VA to attend Canine Search Specialist Technician training in October 2004. Rick and Mocha were deployed to Katrina in 2005 and Ernesto in 2006. Rick is the training coordinator for NDSD.

Rick is currently FEMA certified with his dog Cooper.

Cooper Collage

Rick and his previous search dog Mocha

Rick and MochaRick Cox and MochaRick and Mocha @ Lk. Meridian

Mocha searching after Hurricane Katrina

Mocha at KatrinaKatrina aftermathMocha Katrina Search