Brandon & Rojo

In Training


Rojo was found by a friend of mine near a surf beach in the desert of Baja Mexico. He was with 4 other abandoned puppies that were less then 2 months old and near death. I would have never brought home a stray from the Baja but this guy adopted me. Once he was healthier he wouldn't leave my side even while swimming. He has an obvious drive to live but also to work. This drive comes with a ton of energy which is sometimes hard to control, but it's what makes him a good working dog.
After the loss of my 13 year old lab I joined NDSD with the thought that someday I might get another dog. When I introduced Rojo to NDSD I was asked what if he cant make it through the training. I said, well then I'll have a new pet. Im always hoping that isn't the case because Rojo and I enjoy working with all the other NDSD members. They push us not only to succeed, but they are a ton of help and a wealth of knowledge.
Rojo is at his best while working as a search dog. He understands the game and enjoys it. We both are new to obedience and agility and as I work on my obedience I hope Rojo will teach me a few new tricks.