Well there has been a few changes since my last entry. I've retired Boone from live scent and moved him over to Cadaver search where he seems to be getting the hang of it. The new Dog Baren is now doing Live scent work with the team and is progressing right along, yesterday was a very good with the focus on bringing the training back to the basics and focusing on the 'fun and easy' side of this type of work. Baren is going to be a good search dog, but we have to remember to keep is fun and not skip any of the very important steps that are needed in his developement. Today we will be doing some directional work with Baren and Cadaver work with Boone.

The search continues for a new home to train in for the group...we were in couple of facilities in the area (Sea-Tac gym and Ranier Beach Pool) but both places are either demolished or in the process of being demolished. So if you know of any company that has an empty facility that a local company ownes and would like a tax right off, please contact us.

All for now.
Keith, Boone and Baren.