Two great hikes…..
Zara and I made it to the top of Mt Persis on Nov. 5. There was snow and ice the last 1200 -1500 of elevation gain. Nothing too bad and the view were great. It was a quick 2 hour trip up, some pic’s, then back down. We did not make it down before it got dark. We finished the hike with headlamps and flashlights.
Mt Index kicked our buts this year, but Lake Serene still looks great. Zara and I did Serene on Fri. Nov 21. Another fast 2 hour hike up, a few picks of the falls (Bridal Veil Falls) & Mt Index, then back down. It looks like we will get back to the lake in early Jan, 09. We will see if it is frozen.

What is up next for Zara…..