At work yesterday Zara and I worked on a few ladders and a slippery surface. This morning we did some 175 yard retrieves. I’ll give her some rest before a short hike then off to K9 training.

Now is the time

I will start this thing soon.

I'm So Proud of Jasper - 4/16/08

Jasper is what I consider the "old man" of the new group of dogs in training with NDSD for SAR work. There is one other "newbie" who is older than he is, but that dog came from a Wilderness SAR background and has great groundwork for Disaster SAR. Jasper, on the other hand, has no background other than starting his obedience training with me, at home, as a puppy. I've had him since I picked him up Labor Day weekend in 2005. He was 8 weeks old so at least I know he's been very socialized to both people and dogs. Environmental socialization is where he comes up short.

Christoph & Spartacus's blog

I blogged about Spartacus from the first day he joined our family. Please visit my blog to find out more about us!

Recent Trips

Well the last couple of weeks have been very busy traveling around the country. Boone and I traveled with Sean/Libby and Quincy/Athena to Indianapolis for the CP and training weekend. Very cold, about 25 degrees and snowing on arrival but warmed up to a balmy 39 the next day. With snow on the pile and a stiff breeze everyone hung in there and gave it their all. I have to say that Indiana Task Force really knows how to take a difficult situation and make it into something very special. A great time had by all.

Tahoma's Page

March 10, 2008

Tahoma's now 17 months old and I've been working her with NDSD since January. She has made several improvements in her training. She is becoming more relaxed with the dogs in our group and reacts less to new dogs she sees. She is showing more courage on the rubble piles and has a good bark at the barrel although last weekend she demonstrated that she needs to build her drive and increase her bark intensity with the barrel work while building more confidence on the rubble.

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