We ( Kersee & I) took our first FEMA FSA the other day. WA TF-1 had 7 dogs give the FSA a try. I would like to think we all got something out of the test. I know that, Kersee & I did. Kersee ran into a few snags......... Overall she did a great job.
We will have to work on a few things before her CE. Now it's back to walking clear cuts, Mountain Scramble, and barking..........
For those that hide, thanks for your help.

Kersee is on the way

Kersee will take her first FSA next week. We will find out how she is doing. If all goes well we will do the CE soon.


Well there has been a few changes since my last entry. I've retired Boone from live scent and moved him over to Cadaver search where he seems to be getting the hang of it. The new Dog Baren is now doing Live scent work with the team and is progressing right along, yesterday was a very good with the focus on bringing the training back to the basics and focusing on the 'fun and easy' side of this type of work. Baren is going to be a good search dog, but we have to remember to keep is fun and not skip any of the very important steps that are needed in his developement.

Test Blog Entry

Just seeing if this works.

Colorado Training - May 2010

Sue and I left Seattle Thursday around noon, with AJ (and the brown dog, of course) and my daughter, Kristen, seeing us off. Getting through security, etc. went off without any issues, thanks to the input from all of our NDSD friends. Flying was interesting … Cody and Luau got settled under the seats in front of us, and when the plane took off, so did Cody!

New Dog - New Blog

I haven't written in awhile ... sorry! So, I found a new dog back in mid-June and brought him home at 8 weeks of age. "Cody" is 1/2 Border Collie, 1/2 Australian Cattle Dog. I've given him a designer name to keep up with the other desiger dogs - he's a "Bordattle Dog!" He's awesome, and shows signs of exactly what I'm looking for in a SAR dog. He's pretty fearless, has no problem climbing up or down on anything I ask him to, has a lot of drive, and is a little pain in the butt! Just what I was looking for.


Two great hikes…..
Zara and I made it to the top of Mt Persis on Nov. 5. There was snow and ice the last 1200 -1500 of elevation gain. Nothing too bad and the view were great. It was a quick 2 hour trip up, some pic’s, then back down. We did not make it down before it got dark. We finished the hike with headlamps and flashlights.

New members and upcoming CE

Last night we interviewed folks to become members into the group and decided to bring on all that interviewed, a total of six and these folks will become hiders for the group and in the future when the time is right they will be able to get their own dog. NDSD believes that it's very important to become an effective hider first, master that skill and this in turn will make you a much better dog handler. Also, we will be holding a CE on Nov. 8th and 9th with a training Mock test tomorrow for those members taking the CE.


On Sat the little dog and I had a few butterflies. Ie….I had the butterflies and Zara wanted to play. Both of our runs open JWW & STD were clean, but too slow. Sunday was another story. Again open JWW & STD were clean. This time Zara had enough speed to get 2 – 3rd places. One more Q in each class and I move up to Masters.


Fri, Sat, and Sunday Puget sound Labrador Retriever Association had a AKC Agility test in Monroe.. Zara and I were able to run on Sat and Sun. It has been almost 4 years since my last run. Sat We were both a tad nervous. We were able able to get 2 N/Q due to time.
We were back at it early Sunday am. Zara was able to get a QQ. 1 more Q in each alas and we move up to Masters

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