NDSD: seminars and workshops

Coming up: Disaster Workshop for Live Find / HRD K9 Teams 

NDSD and NDSD members have been teaching disaster classes for many years. Recently, we started focusing on furthering education and networking in the K9 SAR world again. Our seminars focus on strengthening the disaster response in WA state and all over the US. 

Our seminars include disaster dog agility and dexterity. Functional obedience for SAR dogs and of course rubble, slash and wide area search work for LF and HRD dogs.


We attended a seminar given by Northwest Disaster Search Dogs on Disaster Agility at the Washington State Search and Rescue Conference. We learned so much more than just disaster agility, there was control, directionals, confidence, attention, obedience, teamwork, and the fellowship!
This was an awesome seminar given by caring and knowledgeable people. If you have the chance, this is a seminar to consider seriously, well worth the money and time.

Shay and K9 Duey