Cody (FEMA certified Live Find)

Cody, born 4/6/2008, is a Border Collie X Cattle Dog mix.  Cody is handled and owned by Lisa Bishop.
When Lisa acquired Cody, she knew she would be training him for disaster search work, so Cody started his training at 8 weeks of age. Unfortunately, Cody broke his leg at 6 months of age and training was sidelined for 4 months until he healed. He is an incredibly intelligent dog and is easily trained, so it was easy for Lisa to certify Cody with FEMA in 2010, his first time testing. Cody is certified in Live Find Disaster Search.  Lisa and Cody have passed two recertification tests with FEMA (required every 3 years). This dog seems like he was BORN to do this job.

Cody Collage2